Owner Operator: Timothy Ledna

Mr. Ledna is a caring, conscientious, results-driven, and mission-oriented helping professional with a 20-year record of successful service to non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Besides a career as an educator and social worker, Timothy is also a successful land owner and property manager for homes that he acquired for investment purposes. After over 15 years as a landlord and building up his real-estate empire to include 16 properties in three states, Mr. Ledna took another step into the world of entrepreneurship in July 2023 by designing, planning, and opening Gamer's Lounge and Internet Cafe. 

Store Manager: Justin Ledna

Justin is a fun and gooffy nerd who works full-time for Dininig Services at the University of Alaska Fairbanks during the day. During the evening, Justin manages his family's business, Gamer's Lounge. Justin identifies as an "old soul" who likes Elvis and Johnny Cash just as much as Eminem and Drake. Mr. Justin has been playing video games since he was a small child with PC gaming coming only a couple years ago as a newer addition to his addiction.

Director of Strategic Planning & Operations: Eric Enlow

Coach, educator and mentor with over 7 years of experience working in and developing programs for youth. Eric has joined our team in hopes of leveraging his experience to create new opportunities for gamers in our community. Known for his enthusiastic approach to Esports, Eric has worked tirelessly to help players find opportunities on and off the game, including those in our local programs at UAF and Lathrop High School. When asked about his stance on coaching, Eric responded with “If you have the drive to keep your dream alive, Eric will help it thrive!”